Dremel Cut Off Wheel

Cut Off Wheel

A dremel cut off wheel is a thin grinding wheel used to cut objects made up of concrete, metal, or plastic. This tool works exceptionally well when the aim of the job is to have a fine, detailed cut on the finished product. In using a cut off wheel, the operator must remember to use the right one for the right job to ensure that the work will get done faster and with the best results. This would also help make sure that the cut off wheel does not wear out faster than is necessary. Choosing the right type of wheel to use is an important step and should be done with the right amount of knowledge in the part of the operator. Certain factors need to be considered like the machine where the wheel is to be mounted, the type of material to be cut, and the type of cut to be executed.

A well-known brand that manufactures quality cut off wheels is Dremel. It offers many different types of wheels people may choose from depending on the type of work they want accomplished. There are four main types of cut off wheels that Dremel offers: the regular dremel cut off wheel, the fiberglass reinforced type, the Ez lock™ cut off wheels, and the diamond wheel. The regular ones provide the thinnest cuts of the three but wear out the fastest. A fiberglass reinforced dremel cut off wheel is a better choice since it’s more durable than the regular kind making the wheel last much longer with the proper use. The Ez lock™ dremel cut off wheel is designed so that changing the wheels will be a much faster and easier process. This type also lasts much longer than the fiberglass reinforced type. This type of wheel, however, is material specific; that is, different wheels of this category are specifically designed for specific materials only. The first two types are used mainly for cutting through softer materials like sheet metal, wood, and plastic. The diamond dremel cut off wheel is built for harder materials like concrete, marble, porcelain, brick, and ceramics.

A dremel cut off wheel, like all other cut off wheels, need to be replaced frequently as it easily wears out when used. The advantage of a dremel wheel over other, cheaper products is that although it does easily wear out, it wears out a lot slower than the others. The added cost in buying a dremel wheel is still more worth it than in buying more of the cheaper products but having to replace them every two minutes. The best way to go here is to invest in the reinforced kind of dremel cut off wheel. They will still need to be replaced but they last much longer than the regular type.

Another tip in helping one’s dremel wheel to last longer is to make sure not to put pressure on the wheel when in use. The operator should just let the dremel cut off wheel do its job, simply helping it along to go in the right direction. Putting pressure or pressing hard on the wheel while it is in motion wears it that much faster. Letting the tool finish on its own would also help make sure that the cut turns out smoother.  Another thing to consider is the speed used to operate the dremel cut off wheel. Faster speeds, while they do get the job faster, would also wear out the wheels faster. Operators are advised to use low to medium speeds during cutting. In operating this type of tool, or any tool or equipment for that matter, one should also be aware of the risks and hazards involved and should follow safety procedures to avoid injury and accidents.